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Object and its Representation

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
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DOI: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.01.1330
  • Object
  • Representation
  • Reality
  • Image
  • Simulation
  • Economics
  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy


Abstract Object (outside reality) and its representation has been main problem of art since early ages. Indeed, the problem is neither in object nor in its representation. The problem is in the approach differences to the form of relation established in between object and its representation. Such that, approach differences to object and its representation takes place in history of art, art critics, art philosophy and finally semiology. At the same time, these approach differences both stand at the intersection of several philosophical, scientific and artistic traditions, and become the main element establishing these traditions. The relation of object and its representation has historically gone on as a tie between “reality” and “expression”. While “reality” is mentioning “object”, “expression” points out “image”. The tension between object and its representation has historically never shown a linear behavior, but it has shown variability depending on the economic, scientific, philosophic and cultural determinants of each era. In this study, an interdisciplinary historical view to the relation between object and its representation has been aimed. Philosophic, social, artistic and semiotic approaches of reality and expression shall be investigated and discussed in this context. The study is in institutional quality, and it shall be handled by considering related literature and discussions.

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