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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Bernard D. Davis

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DEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL 25 SHATTUCK STREET BOSTON 15. MASSACHUSETTS April 8, 1960 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Genetics Stanford University Medical School Palo Alto, California Dear Joshua: When I receive a long and complex letter I usually file it for reconsideration at a later time , which may never come. I'm therefore writing you a sepa&e letter on a separate point. We have a vacancy in this department for a young staff member who has reached tie stage of being ready to start a career as an independent investigator. The specific area of his investigation is not too important provided it is really digging into some significant aspect of what we m ight vaguely call cell physiology. He would have to carry his share of the teaching in the medical bacteriology course, and there would be an opportunity to supervise graduate students as interested ones came along. I was very much impressed by the brilliant seminar that Nossal gave here a few months ago, and Al Coons and I have been wondering whether he m ight be in the market for a job in the next year or the year after. I wonder whether you could answer this question, or whether you think I ought to write him directly. In addition, if he is a possible candidate I would appreciate your evaluation of his potentialities. It was clear from his seminar that he has a very quick and a well-organized m ind; I wonder what kind of an experimenter he is, and how well he is likely to do on his own. We also got a favorable impression of his personality, but it would be helpful to have your evaluation on this poirf too. Sincerely, --- i ‘Q-4 B&nardD.Davis

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