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ADME/Tox WEB in silico predictions of longer chain perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acid pKa values are more accurate than other computational methods

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Perfluoroalkyl carboxylates are contaminants whose environmental fate and toxicological effects are of broad interest within the academic, industrial, and governmental science and regulatory communities. In addition, coupled perfluoroalkyl and carboxylate moieties are often used in medicinal chemistry as part of the drug design process. However, to date there has been a notable absence of reliable acidity constant estimation programs for these compounds. Here we report that the ADME/Tox WEB method for in silico pKa value predictions is more accurate than the PM6, SPARC, and COSMOtherm methods for the longer chain perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acids, suggesting this may be a good general acidity constant estimation approach for these compounds.

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