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The efficacy of wilderness programs with 'at risk' adolescents

University of Tasmania
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Microsoft Word - Security fact sheet - your personal safety FINAL.docx U N I V E R S I T Y O F T A S M A N I A Private Bag 35 Hobart Tasmania 7001 Australia Phone (03) 6226 7600 Fax (03) 6226 7666 CAMPUS SERVICES UTAS Security fact sheet: Your personal safety • Never carry your ‘PIN’ number with your bank cards. • Don’t carry large amounts of cash – take only what you need. • Recognise dangerous situations before they develop. • Never leave your keys, purse, wallet, mobile, bag etc unsecured or unattended. • Remember to always lock your car and home. Safety when walking • Try to always walk with a friend or in a group, especially at night. Try not to leave a building alone at night. • Keep to well-lit populated areas with lots of activity. Don’t take short cuts, especially at night. • Don’t accept lifts from strangers or people you don’t know very well. • Avoid making conversations with strangers in cars or on foot when out walking – it is better to seem rude than to be in danger. • Walk confidently. Confidence deters attackers. • Be aware of your surroundings. Wearing headphones or talking/texting on your mobile will make you less alert to what is happening around you. • If someone follows you, change direction and go to where there are other people. Call Security on campus or police everywhere else. • If someone attacks you, scream and shout as loudly as you can. • Ignore verbal abuse, but try to remember details. Always report incidents. • If you think there may be danger, make a safety plan. Think about what you would do if you felt threatened. Always report incidents of verbal or physical abuse. Staying safe when going out All the safety tips from the previous section also apply when you are out socialising in your free time. Below are some more safety tips to help you have a safe social life. If you experience problems while you are not on campus, you must call the pol

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