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Letter from Ivan L. Bennett, Jr. to Joshua Lederberg

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550 First Avenue, New York, NY 10016 Cable Address: NYUMEDIC Department of Medicine (212) 340- 59 59 November 5, 1985 Dr. Joshua Lederberg Office of the President Rockefeller University 1230 York Avenue New York, New York 10021 Dear Josh: I am about to depart the U.S. (to F ar East) and will not return until Thanksgiving. In regard to our exchange of notes at the last D.S.B. meeting, I have contacted Dr. Theodore Woodward, professor emeritus of medicine at the University of Maryland, and he has said that if a D.S.B. effort is undertaken, he will gladly participate. He is presently the Chairman of the Armed Forces Epidemiology Board (which advices the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs) and was, for many years, Chairman of the Commission on Epidemiological Survey which, as you know, supervised Detrich activities. While at Hopkins, I made cautious and oblique inquiries about Karl Johnson with equivocal results so that I cannot really tell you what he might contribute to C.I.S.A.C. discussions. His technical know-how is not in dispute but I am not sure that the group needs experts on every possible type of agent. I had no opportunity to contact Abel Wolman and suggest that we wait until we are sure about a D.S.B. initiative. Then we can ask him to participate or to suggest participants. Finally, in regard to international or foreign national socie- ties whose members might be persuaded to "lobby" their governments to desist from sales to CW proliferators, I suggest that we consult Victor Rabinowitz of the N.A.S. He is extremely knowledgeable about such things, would undoubtedly sympathize with the idea (his father edited the Bull. of Atomic Scientists). Most interna-. tional medical societies are little more than travel bureaus although they have influential (domestically) memberships. NYU Medical Center School of Medicine Post-Graduate Medical School University Hospital Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine New

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