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The use of a single fronto-zygomatic osteosynthesis plate and a sinus balloon in the repair of fractures of the lateral middle third of the face

Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery
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DOI: 10.1016/s0301-0503(81)80042-2
  • Fracture Zygoma
  • Osteosynthesis With Malleable Plate
  • Spontaneous Remodelling
  • Orbit


Summary In certain orbito-zygomatic fractures, a fronto-zygomatic screwed plate and a sinus balloon permit, at the expense of a single eyebrow incision, the repositioning of the cheekbone and the alignment of the other fracture sites; the other fracture sites consolidate and remodel themselves spontaneously due to the action of the adjacent soft tissues. The plate is malleable so that correct reduction can occur during the course of surgical repair; the plate should align the cheekbone perfectly. Neglect of the stability offered by reduction after exposure of the bone fragments may seem exaggerated, in simple cases; the orbital approach is without risk and limited. This argument — which also depends on the experience of the surgeon — does not apply in the case with a comminution of the orbital rim; closed fracture site reduction and distant osteosynthesis offer an alternative to the classical repair which requires a wide cutaneous incision and significant periosteal stripping with the subsequent risk of eyelid distortion.

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