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Uiterwaardenvolle steenfabrieken:herbestemming steenfabriek Heuff

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
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  • Design


Former brickworks Heuff is reallocated as a ceramic work center and showcase for the latest technologies in Ceramics and Architecture. The main factor in the design is the addition of a new roof. To express this new feature a complex free-form shell structure in brick is designed. Brick by its anisotropic composition is a most challenging choice in building technical, structural and construction technological way. To face this challenge a research was launched into the technical and building physical structure of the roof package with a corresponding structural behavior. This behavior is analyzed within a computerized finite element analysis. The complexity and the labor intensive nature which drives up costs are one of the main reasons why complex structures in developed countries like the Netherlands are less realized. For this reason two new innovative ideas and technical solutions: Semi-prefabrication of brick elements mounted on a pneumatic formwork is launched. All this combined has led to an ideology between cultural heritage, innovation and functional space within a unique location in the floodplains.

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