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Secured and Smart Electronic voting system

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  • Touch Panel Interface
  • Electronic Voting System
  • Assistive Information Technology.
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Now a days various displays are becoming available for implementing a new kind of human computer interaction (HCI) method. Among them, touch panel displays have been used in wide variety of applications and are proven to be a useful interface infrastructure. We exemplify our approach through the design and development of secured & smart ectronic voting system. As the Supreme Court recently ordered to include the “Reject” option, so that the voter can reject if he is not interested in any party. This touch screen based electronic voting system provides confirmation after selecting a party from the list. A beep sound will be generated when the voter presses the confirmation so that the vote will be casted successfully to a right party. This type of electronic voting systems allow easy confirmation and casting of vote without any assistance. This system also provides security by entering the voter ID whether it is correct or not. We also conducted a preliminary evaluation to verify the effectiveness of the system.

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