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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Michael Doudoroff

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October 23, 1951. Dr. U. Doudoroff, Department of Bacteriology University of Califorbia Berksley 4, California. As you know, Roger spent the weekend with us, and we had a fine time. One experiment didn’t work* however, -- we tried to teat Roger's pet idea about the basia,of non-oxidising S’ mutants in coli. of our sr Uticr tunately, none rautants agseddwwith U.&rel.t’s description of culture8 whose growth was not improved by aeration. I hope you enjoy rTelarat Bac*teriology;l-- Roger told ,110 he was euggesting 801B Ch8S fl~'Wiftl8ntS With it. Streptomycin resistance of P. fluorescens ought to work rather well, but I haven’t tried this particular 8yst8m. 1’11 be interested to hear how it works out. ‘Fhie letter ia mainlp to ask about the progress of your xork with the block to glucose-utflieation ti the Eli mutants. Roger raentfoned that you had pretty well ruled out hexoklnase as the key step, but had given up the problem for the moment. I would appreaiate it very muoh if you could send a summary of the experwnts. The Laog- mutant is an iqortant exam&3 of pleiotropic gene effecte, and it aee.T.3 unfortunate to ha*.8 to be sloppy about saying '?no hCta89, atqlrlO&lda~SO, ‘iglucozyma8e????11. If I could ask a second favor, could you send me back i? culture of T!-108 (the original Lsc~-) if you still have it? ?%trs putting away our culture uollection nowl and I have thia stock only &n one pcssibly doubtful lyophil tube. I’m doing some expsrbents on crossing glucose x gtiactose-negatives to get some genetic evid8ctee on the role of the hydrolytic galactoaidase in lactose fermentation. There 8eems to be another caee of lldiract fermentation!’ brewing, but I’ll have to look Into the adaptation3 more closeLy. But I won’t be too surprised If the extracted galactosidase is partly an art#Uact, such that it8 intracellular function is less sirgle, The aame aeem8 to be pretty alear for amylomdltase, from your comparison of the complete utilization of

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