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Blood Lead and IQ in Older Children

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workingcorresp IARC Carcinogen Update We recently published an article in which we presented a list of occupational carcinogens (Siemiatycki et al. 2004), based on the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Monographs Program. Our review covered Volumes 1–83 of the IARC Monographs. However, because the IARC Monograph Program is ongoing, the list of occupational carcinogens will need to be periodically updated. Since we completed our article, there have been three Monograph meetings that addressed substances that can be classified as occupational; therefore, we would like to notify readers of some impor- tant changes in the list of occupational car- cinogens. Table 1 shows summary information about occupational substances and mixtures that were recently evaluated by IARC as human carcinogens (group 1), prob- able human carcinogens (group 2A), or possi- ble human carcinogens (group 2B). As we did in our earlier article (Siemiatycki et al. 2004), we added to the IARC evaluations our assessment of the main occupations in which the agent may be found and the target organ for carcinogenicity. Volume 86 focuses on cobalt in hard- metals and cobalt sulfate, gallium arsenide, indium phosphide, and vanadium pentoxide (IARC, in press a) In our article (Siemiatycki et al. 2004), cobalt and cobalt compounds were listed as Group 2B human carcinogens. In IARC’s recent evaluation (IARC, in press a), cobalt metal with tungsten carbide is classified in Group 2A, whereas cobalt metal without tungsten carbide, cobalt sul- fate, and other soluble cobalt(II) salts remain in Group 2B. Three substances for which there were no previous IARC evalu- ations have now been evaluated and classi- fied: gallium arsenide is classified as a Group 1 human carcinogen, indium phos- phide as a Group 2A (probable) human carcinogen, and vanadium pentoxide as a Group 2B (possible) human carcinogen (IARC, in press a). Volume 87 (IARC, in press b) updates the prior evaluations on inorganic and organic lead compound

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