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Test for shipping containers in revolving hexagonal drum box-testing machines

Madison, Wis. : U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory
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+320 2/?,3 MAY 1963 cri : .• rt k ft) VntGON STATE UNIVERSITY (0 N•q" *CV,' SD LI 3 3 Oa.A.-U- • /14A - 1 ti-4 2-- TEST FOR SHIPPING CONTAINERS IN REVOLVING HEXAGONAL DRUM 1 COX-TESTING MACHINES No. 1462 Revised May 1956 IN FCF. A REVIEWED AN D ED 1962 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT of- AGRI( tultIRI , FOREST PRODUCTS LABORATORY FOREST SERVICE (MADISON S. WISCONSIN in Cooperation with the University of Wisconsin TEST FOR SHIPPING CONTAINERS IN REVOLVING HEXAGONAL DRUM BOX-TESTING MACHINES- By Forest Products Laboratory,-2- Forest Service U. S. Department of Agriculture Purpose of the Drum Test 1. This test is used to give an indication of the ability of a shipping con- tainer to withstand various shocks and impact stresses simulating those which may be expected in handling or shipment, or to protect its con- tents when subjected to such shocks and stresses, or to obtain average results permitting a comparison of different designs of containers of the same size and carrying the same load. The test permits an observation of the progressive destruction or failure of the package, through which means of improving the design may be determined. Scope 2. (a) This method of test covers two procedures for performing tests on loading containers, as follows: Procedure A, to determine the ability of the container to withstand rough handling, and Procedure B, to determine the ability of the container to provide protec- tion to its contents. —For an account of the development of this test, see: American Society for Testing Materials Proceedings, Nineteenth annual meeting, Vol. XVI, Part II, Technical Papers, 1916, pages 320-342. ?Maintained at Madison, Wis., in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin. • Report No. 1462 -1- Agriculture -Madison SApparatus 3. The testing machine consists of a revolving drum which is in the form of a geometrical prism whose bases are regular hexagons and whose lateral faces are rectangles. The axis of rev

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