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Seventeen new Salmonella serovars of the subgenera I, II, III and IV

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DOI: 10.1016/s0174-3031(83)80003-1
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Summary In this paper seventeen Salmonella serovars are described which were identified in the period 1979 to 1981 at the Salmonella Reference Centre of Hamburg. In addition to the Supplements Nos. XXIII (1979) to XXVI (1982) further serological, biochemical and epidemiological data of each serovar are given. S. aarbus 18:z 4,z 23:z 64; S. 4,12:j:-; S. ogbete 43:z:1,5; S. olten 9,46:d:e,n,z 15; S.tema l,42:z 35:z 6; S. waedenswil 9,46:e,h: 1,5; S. II l,9,12,(46),27:z 10:e,n,x; S. II 13,23:k:z 41; S. II 48:d:l,2;S. II 9,12,(46),27:g,t:e,n,x; 5. II 44:g,t:z 42; S. II 58:d:z 6; S.II6,8:d:z 6:z 42; S. II 13,22:m,t:z 39:z 42; S. III arizonae 6,7,14:z39:1,2 = Arizona 27:45:30; S. III arizonae 38:k:e,n,x,z 15 = Arizona 16:29:28; S. IV 44:z 4z 23:-

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