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Economic crisis - is an intensively mediated concept during the past years- it issues with the situation when the business medium confronts with the perspective of a fundamental change, usually sudden and unexpected, that threatens to significantly disturb the present socio-economic perceptions and the daily practice. The emergent markets are the most vulnerable in crisis, they still adapt the easiest to the actual context, counting on economic flexible domains as the tourism industry or IT and even ecological agriculture in our country’s context. The persistence of global economic crisis, but especially the touristic market fragility makes it impossible to estimate the evolution of hospitality industry for the next years. Crisis effects seem to be inevitable in the context where great tourism actors talk about consequences similar to the ones following the terrorists attacks in USA, in September 2001. In this case it is very important to understand the stress factors that prevent the optimum development of tourism discouraging the touristic flow towards once well-known destinations. To us, regarding this fact, the importance growths as it must be admitted – with honesty, that Romania is not a touristic destination with a worldwide notoriety, not even European, but some issues like the localization outside those more and more unsafe touristic areas, the peacefulness regarding the terrorism implications and the special natural and anthrop potential, all these, might create the necessary premises for promoting a specific tourism, able to induce tourists the idea of security. Among the difficulties that Romania confronts itself with, we only mention: unfavourable international image, precarious touristic infrastructure estate only seldom application of quality standards. We appreciate that only if these deficiencies are assumed and controlled in the immediate future, then the interest for Romanian tourism will continuously increase and safe tourism could become a tourism start over factor after the wrong starts for the rural tourism, business tourism or watering tourism.

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