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Practice of prosthodontics: Past, present, and future

Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry
Elsevier - Mosby
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DOI: 10.1016/0022-3913(69)90049-3
  • Workshop On Advanced Prosthodontic Education
  • Medicine


Abstract 1. Throughout our society there is a widespread and increasing trend toward specialization in all phases of life. 2. As a result of increased “know-how, ” more efficient production methods, and other factors, specialization should result in more and better products or services at less cost. 3. A high degree of medical specialization has developed because of the desire of both the profession and the patients. 4. From a practical standpoint, medical specialization has been made possible by the development of specialty board certification, group practice, and health insurance. Similar trends are evident within dental practice. 5. The demand for medical and dental services has been increasing, but the supply of these services has not been increasing rapidly enough. 6. The health professions must be careful not to price their services out of the reach of either the patients or the nation. On the other hand, professional services must be recompensed fairly or otherwise both quality and quantity of services rendered will decline. 7. Professional specialization should provide more and better medical and dental services at less cost. 8. There is an urgent need for a vast increase in the number of board-certified prosthodontists who, because of their increased “know-how” and because of specialized practice, should provide more and better prosthodontic services in areas of high demand at less cost to the patient but with appropriate recompense for services rendered.

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