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Air uptake along the lower nappe of a spillway aerator

Journal of Hydraulic Research
Informa UK (Taylor & Francis)
Publication Date
  • Air Concentration Measurements
  • Air Entrainment
  • Air Uptake
  • Air-Water Flows
  • Spillway Aerators
  • Void Ratio


Air concentration measurements performed along the lower nappe of a bottom aerator through the impact and downstream flow regions permitted the calculation of air entrainment along the jet length. The air uptake was also measured in the air supply conduit. It was shown that integration of the concentration profiles along the jet overestimates the air uptake measured in the air supply conduit. Corrective procedures were developed by adapting the concept of entrained and entrapped air, in which the latter is re-circulated in the cavity, but both are measured by air concentration probes.

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