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Pemenuhan Aspek-Aspek Kepuasan Perkawinan pada Istri yang Menggugat Cerai

Fakultas Psikologi Unair
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  • Psychology


Many wife claiming divorce are indicator that they have no marital satisfaction. It is because of the lack of fulfillment marital satisfaction aspects, which consist of material, sexual, and psychological aspect. This research used a qualitative approach with instrinsic case study. Interview was used to collect data from three subjects. All subjects are the wifes claiming divorce in Pengadilan Agama Surabaya while they are on still early adult age (18-40 years old). The results of this study show that fullfilment aspects of marital satisfaction for wife claiming divorce were unique. The first and the second subject don't have satisfaction for material, sexual, and psychological aspects, so they don't have marital satisfaction, whereas the third subject has satisfaction in all aspects (material, sexual, and psychological aspects), so she has maritalsatisfaction. Those three aspects are related and mutually affected each other, thus if one of those aspects not fulfilled, it can generates unsatisfaction which bring to the divorce.

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