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Draxl, Caroline


Caroline Draxl - DTU Orbit (17/05/14) Caroline Draxl - DTU Orbit (17/05/14) Caroline Draxl Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy 30/10/08 to 03/09/13 125 [email protected] Phone: 46775096 Department of Wind Energy 15/12/11 to 03/09/13 125 [email protected] Phone: 46775965 Job title: PhD student Risø National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy 22/08/08 to 03/09/13 125 [email protected] Phone: 46775965 Job title: PhD student Meteorology 09/03/12 to 29/11/12 Wind Energy Division 25/02/12 to 10/05/12 Meteorology 25/02/12 to 10/05/12 Publications: Evaluating winds and vertical wind shear from Weather Research and Forecasting model forecasts using seven planetary boundary layer schemes The existence of vertical wind shear in the atmosphere close to the ground requires that wind resource assessment and prediction with numerical weather prediction (NWP) models use wind forecasts at levels within the full rotor span of modern large wind turbines. The performance of NWP models regarding wind energy at these levels partly depends on the formulation and implementation of planetary boundary layer (PBL) parameterizations in these models. This study evaluates wind speeds and vertical wind shears simulated by theWeather Research and Forecasting model using seven sets of simulations with different PBL parameterizations at one coastal site over western Denmark. The evaluation focuses on determining which PBL parameterization performs best for wind energy forecasting, and presenting a validation methodology that takes into account wind speed at different heights. Winds speeds at heights ranging from 10 to 160 m, wind shears, temperatures and surface turbulent fluxes from seven sets of hindcasts are evaluated against observations at Høvsøre, Denmark. The ability of these hindcast sets to simulat

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