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Statistical modelling of gaze behaviour as categorical time series: What you should watch to save soccer penalties

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  • 170100 Psychology
  • 170200 Cognitive Science
  • Gaze Behaviour
  • Markov Chain Modelling
  • Representative Design
  • Time Series
  • Communication
  • Political Science


Microsoft Word - Eprints Cover Sheet.doc COVER SHEET Burgess, Jean and Foth, Marcus and Klaebe, Helen (2006) Everyday Creativity as Civic Engagement: A Cultural Citizenship View of New Media. In Proceedings Communications Policy & Research Forum, Sydney. Copyright 2006 (please consult author) Accessed from 1 Everyday Creativity as Civic Engagement: A Cultural Citizenship View of New Media Jean Burgess, Marcus Foth, & Helen Klaebe Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation Queensland University of Technology Musk Ave, Brisbane QLD 4059, Australia [email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected] To be presented at the Communications Policy & Research Forum, Sydney, 25-26 Sep 2006. Introduction In the policy imagination, the practice of citizenship has conventionally been separated from entertainment, leisure and consumption activities. This interpretation is based on a traditional but narrow view of the public sphere that focuses on political and civic rights and responsibilities. According to this view, the cultural dimensions of citizenship are usually limited to the right and freedom to express one’s own culture and beliefs, as well as the responsibility to accept the right of others to express their views and values. This also holds true for studies of e-democracy, where citizen engagement is measured according to participation in online deliberation and the ‘rational’ discussion of topics that are related to the traditional public sphere – that is, politics and current affairs. However, we argue in this paper that contemporary media and communication studies can provide useful alternatives to this view, particularly in regard to the ‘cultural public sphere’ and cultural citizenship. According to these perspectives, bona fide citizenship is practised as much through everyday life, leisure, critical consumption and popular entertainment as it is throu

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