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Development partners and country programming in nutrition and agriculture

  • Nutrition
  • Agriculture
  • Landscape
  • Cross Cutting
  • Building Resilience


No 40 late-2013 ISSN 1564 - 3743 In this issue: Changing food systems Feature papers Case studies Programme news Speaker’s corner Publications Interview with Alan Berg Bulletin board About SCN News SCN NEWS is a publication issued yearly by the United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition. It provides infor- mation on issues of importance and sharing of experiences in the field of international nutrition. Manuscripts submitted for consideration are reviewed, although publication is not guaranteed. Every effort is made to ascertain the validity of the infor- mation contained in UNSCN publications. Content accountability and responsibility for all articles belong to the individual au- thors, including accuracy of the references provided. The content of the SCN NEWS does not necessarily represent endorse- ment or an official position of the UNSCN or its constituencies. All links to websites and online information in this publication were accessed between May 2013 and March 2014, unless otherwise indicated. The SCN NEWS editorial team sincerely thanks the esteemed external reviewers who provided very valuable comments on the feature papers. To contribute to future issues of the SCN NEWS, to be added to or removed from our mailing list, please send an email to [email protected] or register to our mailing list. Editorial team: James Garrett, Lina Mahy, Sabrina Ionata Granheim, Cécile Jonckheere, Thahira Shireen Mustafa Copyright note: Readers are encouraged to review, summarize, reproduce or translate this document as a whole or in part, but please attribute to the UNSCN. 4 Chair's Round-up 6 Editorial 8 Feature papers. Part I: What is going on 8 Development partners and country programming in nutrition and agriculture: preview of findings from a landscape review. By Janice Meerman et al. 17 The nutrition sensitivity of agriculture and food policies: a summary of eight country case studi

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