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Matko Meštrović (ed.): Globalizacija i njene refleksije na Hrvatsku (Globalisation and its Reflections in Croatia)

Faculty of Political Science
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  • Philosophy
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Microsoft Word - 14 Reviews.doc Book Reviews, Politička misao, Vol. XXXIX, (2002), No. 5, pp. 174–184 174 Book Reviews Book Review Zoran Kurelić Liberalizam sa skeptičnim licem (Liberalism with a Skeptical Face) Barbat, Zagreb, 2002, 198 pages The end of the 20th century was marked by a great victory of liberalism as a political ideal over what now appear as its obsolete ri- vals, communism and fascism. However, the spreading of liberal democratic institutions has been followed by a matching widespread doubt in the validity of their philosophical foundations. The book Liberalism With a Skeptical Face proves that the doubt is justi- fied, but it opens politically frightening pros- pects. The author, Zoran Kurelić has chosen to enter a debate with four philosophers – Karl Popper, Paul Feyerabend, Alasdair MacIntyre and Richard Rorty – who discuss the connec- tions between philosophy of science, political theory and politics. As the subtitle of the book (Incommensurability as a political concept) indicates, the central problem of the book is the epistemological concept of incommensura- bility and its consequences for liberal democ- ratic politics. The concept of incommensura- bility is well introduced at the beginning of the book. Incommensurability is originally a geo- metrical concept that was introduced in the philosophy of science by Thomas Kuhn and Paul Feyerabend. These philosophers have used incommensurability in their accounts of the possibilities for scientific progress. On those accounts, two scientific theories are inc- ommensurable if they cannot be reduced to one another, nor is there

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