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This research was executed on 11 until 25 January 2008, which was executed in Sub-Province of Blitar which consist of 6 District, for example: Kec. Ponggok, Kec. Srengat, Kec. Garum, Kec. Kademangan, Kec. Talun, and Kec. Kanigoro. Purposes of this research is to know the medication program of disease in management health of Layer exist in Ranch of Sub-Province of Blitar. Research Method of survey done by purposive sampling from 96 spread over ranch in 6 District in Sub-Province of Blitar, and obtained data from result of survey in ranch of Kab. Blitar, later will be done by processing data and reported descriptively. As perception object, the used was 96 Ranch Layer were divided in 6 District, with amount of population which vary among 1000 tail until 20.000 chicken tail which was producing. The Result of this research found some disease type attacking in ranch, that is; Snot / Coryza = 57 %, Chicken cholera = 12 %, Pullorum = 8 %, ILT = 5 %, ND = 4 %, CRD = 4 %, Gumboro = 3 %, Coccidiosis = 2 % and EDS = 1 %. Handling action in medication of disease by breeder most based only in symptom of clinis and at previous cases, unknowingly cause of disease and changing of dead pasca with operate on carcass. This matter makes medication program non-effective, so that still there are existence of come down with chicken case with amount of presentase which high enough. The usage of some type’s medicinize in medication given by poultryman was antibiotic types, vitamin and some sulfa preparat. Some obstetrical type in antibiotic given consists: enrofloxacin, trihidrat amoxycillin, sulphate colistin, bacitracin, combination of sulfadiazine and of trimetoprin. Optimalizing of understanding about cause of disease, accurate disease diagnosed and usage of type medicinize matching with disease agent, hence will be got by result of precise and effective medication.

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