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Ion-exchange displacement chromatography of proteins:Dextran-based polyelectrolytes as high affinity displacerss

Journal of Chromatography A
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DOI: 10.1016/0021-9673(93)80441-a
  • Biology


Abstract Dextran-based polyelectrolyte displacers were successfully employed for the displacement purification of proteins in ion-exchange displacement systems. The effect of molecular mass was investigated by examining the efficacy of DEAE-dextran and dextran sulfate displacers of various molecular masses in cation- and anion-exchange systems, respectively. Induced salt gradients produced during these displacement experiments were measured in order to study their effect on the protein separations. The unique characteristics of these displacements were well predicted by simulations obtained from a steric mass action (SMA) ion-exchange model. These displacements differ from the traditional vision of displacement chromatography in several important ways: the isotherm of the displacer does not necessarily lie above the feed component isotherms; the concentration of the displaced proteins can sometimes exceed that of the displacer; higher-molecular-mass displacers are not necesarily more efficacious than lower-molecular-mass compounds; and the salt gradients induced by the adsorption of the displacer produce different salt micro-environments for each displaced protein.

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