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Labour Market Returns to Higher Education in Vietnam

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  • J31 - Wage Level And Structure
  • Wage Differentials
  • O15 - Human Resources
  • Human Development
  • Income Distribution
  • Migration
  • C31 - Cross-Sectional Models
  • Spatial Models
  • Treatment Effect Models
  • Quantile Regressions
  • Social Interaction Models
  • Economics
  • Education


This paper employs the Ordinary Least Squares, Instrumental Variables and Treatment Effect models to a new dataset from the Vietnam Household Living Standards Survey (VHLSS) to estimate return to the four-year university education in 2008. Our estimates reveal that the return to university education is about 17% (annualized) and robust to the various estimators. The return to higher education has significantly increased since the economic reform in late 1980s.

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