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Letter from Luca Cavalli-Sforza to Joshua Lederberg

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ISTITUTO SIEROTERAPICO MILANESE - SERAFINO BELFANTI” ENTE MORALE AGGREGATO ALLA UNIVERSITA DI MILAN0 Direttore Scientifico: Prof. Aagnsto De Barbie4 Laboratori di Ricerche Via Darwin, 20 - MILAN0 TELEFONO m. 35.24.11 (II I;nom) Pib dear Joshua, Dec.29,1956 Ynank you for your letter of Dec.lB,just received. We have hr;d direct news of yours from Xagni,who is just back (and full of enthousiasm for ,'.merica,too.I am not [email protected] .Incidental- ly: I have given yfinr name as a reference on submitting en applica- tion to U.of California, Rcrkeley. Hope you don't mind& riere the situation has not improved considerably,and a good offer at this stage might turn me into anfxS$x immigrant to the 3.S*). I am enclosing a first trial on chapter ZI.Xs you will see,1 have greatly ‘lltere and incorporEated most or ~11" 8 the preliminary (and poor) scheme, our suggestions. I have tried to give one(or few) examples for each case;choices may not always be opti- mal,and interpretations open to objections. Tht: form is stiil very rough and I hope you wili pay your attention to contents only;1 hope I can stions will 42 ovzetter on a second writing,when your further sugge%* e arrived. irouably there is auc‘h that can be deleted; t hOU L' /: t..-' it may be worth wasting ti little -Lime and space on clarity, ~beM.bly more than I have done :;ofar,if the book is to be useful, say ,-to medical students.1 suppose that an Gnalysis of the kind we havein mind might be useful in some University courses kept at a level higher than average.Publishera would certainly be ~'nrbn~iisr2a~ pleased with it,anyhow. prepare and n Unfortunately, 1 have no %ime to/send you & (J#y..+ raJcrc.nd. the fist of references,&ia L wantea to keep my woiQdybut have now '"-;-- o dedicate my time to the i;RX review,and the references are not yet czli on cards;some of them , morevoer are mixed w?.th those of the ARK review. You will howeverknoydirectiy or inciirec%lsr,all of the works qu

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