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Folder 521: Hicks and Massengill (interviewers): The Head of the Family

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HC-MS THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY Original Names: Changed Names Norman Blake James Blake Metis Aileen Kathleen Marian Nathan Jessie Ruby Lila William Gilbert Askins Tom Askins Sam Mary Ann Mable Ezra Ginger Sue Jean «ater Dixie Trail Ashe Trail Mrs. Blake Sallie Askins i t . 6883 Date of first writing i Name of person interviewed : Address:" Occupation: writer: Reviser: No* of words: March 9, 1939 K* G. Blake (white) Dixie Trail, Raleigh, N. C. Bus driver Maxy A. Hicks Edwin ifebtaengill About 5,000 • THE HEAD OP THE FAMXIX Gilbert Afkins turned the big bus into a quiet street and drove slowly while he talked* There were only a few passengers on the bus and they appeared drowsy and not in the least hurry. The driver looked them over and said, smiling, "Ho one I know, so I don't mind bringing out my dark secrets* "I was born in the middle of a big woods near here* I had the sweetest mother in the world and a father who believed in liquor fresh from the still, and ghosts. He made liquor, too, good liquor, not only for his own consumption but to sell* He had only been to school a couple of years, G884 ' - • • * t - . and he thought that if a man could read enough to know what he was signing, write so that a person could read it, and figure out what people owed him he had plenty education* He thought that we boys were old enough to stop school and go to work when we were ten* His people must have been superstitious, sure enough, for him to believe so firmly in ghosts and signs* Many's the night he had me too scared to go to bed, telling hair-raising tales of his own and others' experiences with the supernatural* "Mother had been to school nine years and she came from a cultured family. She realised the value of education and wanted us to finish high school, at least. She had hopes of us going to college, but how s

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