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Mixed discrete least squares meshless method for planar elasticity problems using regular and irregular nodal distributions

Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements
DOI: 10.1016/j.enganabound.2011.09.012
  • Discrete Least Squares Meshless
  • Mixed Formulation
  • Planar Elasticity
  • Meshless Methods
  • Mls Approximation
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics


Abstract A Mixed Discrete Least Square Meshless (MDLSM) method is proposed for the solution of planar elasticity problems. In this approach, the differential equations governing the planar elasticity problems are written in terms of the stresses and displacements which are approximated independently using the same shape functions. Since the resulting governing equations are of the first order, both the displacement and stress boundary conditions are of the Dirichlet-type which is easily incorporated via a penalty method. Because least squares based algorithm of MDLSM method, the proposed method does not need to be satisfied by the LBB condition. The performance of the proposed method is tested on a benchmark example from theory of elasticity namely the problem of infinite plate with a circular hole and the results are presented and compared with those of the analytical solution and the solutions obtained using the irreducible DLSM formulation. The results indicate that the proposed MDLSM method is more accurate than the DLSM method. The results show that the numerical solutions of the MDLSM method can be obtained with lower computational cost and with higher accuracy. Also its performance is marginally affected by the irregularity of the nodal distribution.

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