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Letter from Maurice R. Green, South Beach Psychiatric Center to Joshua Lederberg

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Penn 91.79 Adm. . Manuel T~~~ui&lo, M .D. SOUTH Ma=tiA %&?rQ!a&klcM-D l PATRIUA T. OULTON OtlUTT BIRCCTOR. MMINIRTRATION State of NRV York Department of Mental Hygiene BEACH PSY CHlATRlC CENTER S.I. Family Court Senrices 140 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, New York 10301 C. ! .\e id \,T’ ‘, I ’ - ,’ ,\* NORMAN SUGARMAN. C.S. W. l ROQRAM OIRLCTOR December 13, 1978 Dr. Joshua Lederberg, President The Rockefeller University New York, New York 10021 Dear Dr. Lederberg, Thank you for your kind note of 12/16/78. I am very sorry to hear of your painful injury to your shoulder and the consequent impairment. It must have been very diffi- cult with all the new responsibilities you have assumed at Rockefeller. I .enjoyed the article on genetic counselling in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Psychiatric Association. However, it did not deal with the issue we were discussing. I shall write Andre Barbeau, and thank you for the suggestion, and for the article from the Washington Post. . Meanwhile I am excited about the Guarnieri at Rockefeller tonight. I have only m issed one event in the entire series so far. I shall look forward to'seeing you after'the New Year - and good luck with the housing innovations, they can be a hassle in this city. Sincerely yours, n <.- L,& , Maurice Green, M .D., P.C._ \b _~_.------- S-1. Family Court Services MG/j g

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