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On the reactivity of the CuPd[85 : 15]{110}p(2 × 1) surface

Surface Science
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DOI: 10.1016/0039-6028(94)90434-0
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics


Abstract The results of a number of investigations into the surface chemistry of the CuPd[85 : 15]{110}p(2 × 1) surface are reported. It is observed that there are no discernible differences in the processes of adsorption of oxygen or methanol when compared to the analogous processes on Cu{110}. In contrast the stability of intermediates such as methoxy, formate, and adsorbed CO, are found to be different to those found on Cu{110}. In the former cases the adsorbed species appear destabilised toward dehydrogenation relative to Cu{110}. For CO there are two CO adsorption sites as opposed to the single site observed on Cu{110}. These observations are discussed in terms of the geometric and electronic structure of the alloy and elemental surfaces.

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