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Comparative evaluation of the performance of concrete wall panels, with and without fiber reinforcement.

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This investigation addresses the evaluation of the increase in structural integrity of concrete wall panels by the addition of polypropylene fibers. The test methodology used was the evaluation of flexural (simply-supported and cantilever), shear (in-plane and punching), and impact behavior. The concrete panels comprised sets with (i) regular reinforcement (ACI code based), (ii) Reinforced concrete panels: 0.2% fibers with minimum ACI reinforcement, FRC 2, (iii) 0.3% fibers without reinforcement, FRC 3, and (iv) plain beams without reinforcement. The instrumentation consisted of deflection and electrical strain gages, a slope indicator for slope testing, and an oscilloscope with a camera attachment for monitoring load and energy traces in impact testing. The normalized (adjusted for concrete strength variations) ultimate load and energy values were compared.

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