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Full Term Intra-abdominal Pregnancy with Living Mother and Child *

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FULL TERM INTRA-ABDOMINAL PREGNANCY WITH LIVING MOTHER AND CHILD* HU SIN TEH Abdominal pregnancy is such an unusual occurrence, especially when both mother and child survive, that a report of such a case is warranted. Schumann4 calculated that ectopic pregnancy of all types occurred once in 303 pregnancies in Philadelphia during the year 1918 and once in 268 pregnancies in New York Lying-in Hospital. Mall3 directed particular attention to the fact that the fetus while still in the tube is particularly apt to develop abnormally. In 117 specimens, he found only 16 normal embryos and considered that less than 1 per cent of all extra-uterine pregnancies could reach full term. In their comprehensive review of literature of abdominal pregnancy, Cornell and Lash' reported that in 86 cases in which the baby was born after the 6th month of gestation, the infant mortality was 22 per cent, whereas in 60 cases in which the baby was born alive in the 8th and 9th months of pregnancy, it was about 35 per cent. The maternal mortality was 14.3 per cent (34 cases) in 236 cases recorded at Cook County Hospital. Hellman and Simon2 had collected from the literature 316 reports of living child being delivered. This does not mean that the child was truly viable in each case. Therefore, they adopted an arbitrary standard to indicate true viability of the fetus. A period of eight days or longer was considered a sufficient test of viability. Of these 316 cases, in 158 (one-half) the fetus was viable. Of these 316 mothers, 212 lived and 101 died, the outcome of three being unknown. In their whole series there were only 80 cases in which both mother and child survived, and the authors stated that "Of the 80 cases probably mother and child were not entirely well in more than 50 cases." The present report of another case of abdominal pregnancy from the Orient therefore appears timely. The patient was a Chinese housewife, para I, gravida I, 30 years of age, married seven years. She was admitted to the Hsiang-Ya Medical Colleg

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