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Articles Michéle Koven: Comparing biblionguals quoted of self and others in tellings of the same experience in two languages. / Hiroko Tanaka: Adverbials for turn.projection in Japaneese: Toward a demystification of the "telephatic" mode of communication. / Lynne Bowker: Teminology and gender sensitivity: A corpus-based study o the LSP on infertility. / Ian Dersley & Anthony Wootton: In the heat of the sequence: Interactional features preceding walkouts from argumentative talk. Reviews: Robert Phillipson (ed): Tights to languae; Equitiy, power, and education and Miklos Kontra, Robert Phillipson, Tove Skutnabb-Kangas & Tibor Varady (eds): Language, a right and a resource: Approaching lingusitc human rights. / Dana Kavarsky, Judith Duchan & Madeline Maxwell (eds.): Constructing (in competence. Disabling evaluations in clinical and social interaction. / James Paul Gee: An introduction to discourse analysis: Theory and method. / Gary Palmer & Debra Occhi (eds.) : Languages of sentiment: cultural construccions of emotional substrates. / De Jorio, Andrea: Gesture in Naples and gesture in Classical Antiquite. / Muhammad Hasan Amara: Politics and sociolinguistic refelex: Plalestinian border villages./ John Baughe: Linguistics pride and racial prejudice. / Jack Martin & Margaret Mckane Mauldin: A dictionay of Creek/Muskogee, with notes on the Florida and Oklahoma Seminole dialects of creek.

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