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Connexions module: m10843 1 Reference: notation ∗ Ian Barland John Greiner This work is produced by The Connexions Project and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License † warning: The information in this module is outdated. Please see my course 1 for a table of contents. For the formula: (a ∧ b) ≡ ¬(¬a∨ ¬b), I'd like to have this display as (a ^ b) |= =| -(-a v -b) but instead I'm getting ((a, and, b) |- ?? -(-a or -b)) That is: • and, or spelled out instead of ^,v. • commas inserted for "and" • extra parentheses added when i apply |= =| • non-known entities vDash and Dashv. • (The "not" character is correct; I use "-" only in my ascii rendition.) I futiley tried adding "m:mfenced" to force or deny parentheses, though the latter doesn't work becuase the parentheses are being produced by "m:apply", so fencing it with "" doesn't help. A couple more experiments, just for me: • Naked entities and,or are ∧, ∨. • Naked m:and,m:or are � oops, not permitted. • In m:mo, entities and,or render as ∧,∨. • In m:mo, m:and,m:or render as � oops, not permitted. • Naked vdash, vDash, Dashv are (resp.) `, [U+22A8], and [U+2AE4]. • As m:mo, vdash, vDash, Dashv are (resp.) `, |=, and [U+2AE4]. • m:applied and,or render as a ∧ b ∧ c, a ∨ b ∨ c, • m:applied m:and,m:or render as: a ∧ b ∧ c, a ∨ b ∨ c, • m:applied m:mo's vdash, vDash, Dashv are (resp.): a a b, a |= b, a[U+2AE4]b. • Apparently, the "script-letter" entities like Ascr, Zscr presented rendering problems for many: Naked we have A B C D E F , ..., W X Y Z ; as m:ci's we have A BCDEF , ..., W X Y Z . ∗ Version 2.11: May 27, 2005 10:16 am GMT-5 † 1

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