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Vanadium pentoxide catalytic membrane reactor for partial oxidation of 1-butene

Elsevier Science & Technology
DOI: 10.1016/s0167-2991(97)81090-7


Abstract The vanadium pentoxide catalytic membrane reactor was prepared by coating its sol inside the Vycor® tube membrane. After heat treatment of the prepared membrane, the [010] planes of vanadium pentoxide layer were grown largely which contributes to partial oxidation reaction of 1-butene to maleic anhydride. The partial oxidation of 1-butene to maleic anhydride was carried out in the catalytic membrane reactor. The maximum selectivity of 95% was obtained at 350°C when the surface velocity was 500cm/h. And at this condition, oxygen permeability was almost four times higher than the reaction had not occurred.

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