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1981 programme for the achievement of the customs union. Communication from the Commission to the Council. COM (81) 23 final, 22 January 1981

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(81) 23 final Brussels, 22 January 198L 1981 PROGRAMME FOR THE ACHIEVEMENT OF THE CUSTOMS UNION (Communication from the Commission to the Council) COM(81) 23 final Phil Text Box q*f"q':i -I* I I,ITR ODUCTI ON fn'i ts "l,lul,tiannual. progranme fui'th"v;rtt;*inm*!'tl *r'the custorn* *ni$n" i"ii the {srn$4gq'{gr"; ttirrierte*k *s eubrn'it se*h ys*r, 'f + t;h# r.slsv.,si1t . cnmmtrr,j iy ins'iitut iorls a $lr'Jgi-qrililie $siting ,f,ut in "f uL I botii the pa*t .vv,'||l|V||l year's achi€vements and the prir:r'i 'ties f,or the next twet^v* irrtlnths" in this pa1)er the undertaking i s f uLf i L Led for the second t'ime. Tire principLe of these annuaL communicatjonc has been appnoved and encouragsd by the Furopean FarLiament Q) and by the Econo,n{'dirant SociaL Committee (3)" ti 'i1-: '' Chapter I contains a statement of Community achir?v€rn€fits i n"thb customs fieLd during 1980. .1 t r#w Chapter II Lists priority actions which the Commisslon preposes to before the CounciL in 1981. These actions have beenl,'jecided on in coLLaboration with the heads of the customs administlations of the St ates - :,, I put c Lose Membe n t In for In the ; The professionaL associations -represented on the Advii >ry Committee on Customs Matters have reaffirmed their strong interest,in r*rp.ct of the actions featuring in the programme and have renewed ti,'rir compLete support for the achievement of the priorities adopted. ]t )Y ii il J: ', (1) 0J no C 84 of 31.3.1979, p" 3 (2> its resoLution of i6 0ctober '1980 on the multi*annuaL prcgramme the achievement of the customs union its opinion on the multi*annuaI programme for the achi vei,rent of customs union, published in 0J no C 53 of 3.3.80, r:, ,7 (3) -2- CHAPTER I : STATEMENT 0F RESULTS rQn 1?8Q The support given by Member States for^ the lmpLementetisn *f the mul'ti*ennual" programme for the;lttajnment of the customs union wh"ich t,las transmir;tecl

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