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TranS1 VEO system: a novel psoas-sparing device for transpsoas lumbar interbody fusion

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  • Medical Devices: Evidence And Research


Mitchell A Hardenbrook,1,2 Larry E Miller,3,4 Jon E Block4 1Advanced Spine Institute of Greater Boston, North Billerica, MA, 2Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, 3Miller Scientific Consulting Inc, Arden, NC, 4The Jon Block Group, San Francisco, CA, USA Abstract: Minimally invasive approaches for lumbar interbody fusion have been popularized in recent years. The retroperitoneal transpsoas approach to the lumbar spine is a technique that allows direct lateral access to the intervertebral disc space while mitigating the complications associated with traditional anterior or posterior approaches. However, a common complication of this procedure is iatrogenic injury to the psoas muscle and surrounding nerves, resulting in postsurgical motor and sensory deficits. The TranS1 VEO system (TranS1 Inc, Raleigh, NC, USA) utilizes a novel, minimally invasive transpsoas approach to the lumbar spine that allows direct visualization of the psoas and proximal nerves, potentially minimizing iatrogenic injury risk and resulting clinical morbidity. This paper describes the clinical uses, procedural details, and indications for use of the TranS1 VEO system. Keywords: fusion, lateral, lumbar, minimally invasive, transpsoas, VEOCorrigendum for this paper has been published

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