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Nucleic Acids Research

Nucleic Acids Research
Oxford University Press
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DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkq189
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NAR-38.5.editorial 1..1 Nucleic Acids Research Executive Editors Senior Editors: K.R.Fox, Southampton, UK; [email protected] B.Stoddard, Seattle, WA, USA; [email protected] Methods Editors: G.Sczakiel, Lu¨beck, Germany; [email protected] A.R.Kimmel, Bethesda, MD, USA; [email protected] Database Issue Editor: M.Galperin, Bethesda, MD, USA; [email protected] Web Server Issue Editor: G.Benson, Boston, MA, USA; [email protected] Editorial Board Founding Editors Editorial and Production M.Madan Babu, Cambridge, UK [email protected] M.Churchill, Aurora, CO, USA [email protected] W.Dynan, Augusta, GA, USA [email protected] M.J.Gait, Cambridge, UK [email protected] H.J.Gross, Wu¨rzburg, Germany [email protected] A.D.Sharrocks, Manchester, UK [email protected] E.Westhof, Strasbourg, France [email protected] J.A.Wise, Cleveland, OH, USA [email protected] F.Allain, Zurich, Switzerland C.Bailly, Lille, France A. Bateman, Hinxton, UK P.B.Becker, Munich, Germany M.Belfort, Albany, NY, USA B.Berkhout, Amsterdam, The Netherlands E.H.Bresnick, Madison, WI, USA J.M.Bujnicki, Warsaw, Poland J.F.Caceres, Edinburgh, UK X.Cheng, Atlanta, GA, USA J.J.Collins, Boston, MA, USA D.Corey, Dallas, TX, USA J.Dinman, College Park, MD, USA G.Divita, Montpellier, France S.Eddy, Ashburn, VA, USA M.Egli, Nashville, TN, USA D.Endy, Cambridge, MA, USA D.R.Engelke, Ann Arbor, MI, USA A.Engelman, Boston, MA, USA H.U.Go¨ringer, Darmstadt, Germany T.Grange, Paris, France W.Gruissem, Zurich, Switzerland J.G.Hacia, Los Angeles, CA, USA S.Halford, Bristol, UK R.B.Hallick, Tucson, AZ, USA P.Hsieh, Bethesda, MD, USA P.A.Jeggo, Brighton, UK A.Khvorova, Lafayette, CO, USA R.Kierzek, Poznan, Poland H.Klein, New York, NY, USA D.Klostermeier, Basel, Switzerland E.T.Kool, Stanford, CA, USA E.Koonin, Bethesda, MD, USA A.N.Lane, Louisville, KY, USA D.M.J.Lilley, Dundee, UK S.Linn, Berkeley, CA, USA L.J.Maher, Rochester, MN, USA D.Mann, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

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