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A Domain-Specific Model for Data Quality Constraints in Service Process Adaptations

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  • Software Engineering
  • Service Process
  • Process Adaptation
  • Content Services
  • Constraint Monitoring
  • Quality And Governance
  • Domain-Specific Model
  • Provenance


Service processes are often enacted across different boundaries such as organisations, countries or even languages. Specifically, looking at the quality and governance of data or content processed by services in this context is important to control different constraints in this cross-boundary processing. In order to provide a context-aware solution that takes into account data and data processing requirements, a rule-based constraints specification and adaptation of processes shall be proposed. A domain ontology shall capture the key data/content data types, activities and constraints, which forms the basis of a rule-based policy monitoring solution. A provenance model is at the core of this ontology solution. The key contribution is a domain-specific model and specification template for constraint policy definition, which can be applied to adapt service processes to domain-specific needs.

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