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Cumerford and Clark Grocery, 708 Main St., Peoria, Illinois.

Bradley University Library
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  • Oysters


The slide reads: "Cumerford & Clark Groceries, 708 Main St, 1884." The photograph shows the Cumerford & Clark Grocery Store at 708 Main St., Peoria, Illinois. The two story brick building has displays of goods offered in both front windows. The windows in the upper story appear to be open. There are seven men standing on the sidewalk in front of the grocery store and the meat market next door. One man is leaning on the hitching post in front of the grocery store and another is wearing an apron. Behind the man furthest to the right are several barrels and a wooden box with "Cumerford & Clark Oysters" painted on it. The front windows of both stores appear to be equipped with shades partially lowered to keep out the sun.

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