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mnh71c4.tmp PROJECT CONSUMER CONCERN — USDA — NARGUS DEMONSTRATIONS by Lewis F. Norwood Extension Service United States Department of Agriculture Washington, D.C. Explains the project and discusses examples of successful work using the demonstration techniques. Project Consumer Concern is an effort on the part of the USDA and the food in- dustry to follow through on their combined commitment to furnish consumers an adequate supply of wholesome food. What is Project Consumer Concern? Specifically Project Consumer Concern is a joint program effort between the United States Department of Agriculture and the Nati,onalAssociation of Retail Grocers and has three basicobjectives: (1) to impress three closely linked segments of the food marketing chain. . retail, wholesale, and consumer. . .of the importance of their con- tribution toward an improved environment, in assuring a wholesome food supply, and the necessity of working together to achieve them; (2) to illustrate what is being done and what can be done to improve our daily lives with a more efficient and concerned food marketing system; and (3) to effect improvements of food handling, storage, and distribution. Some of the proposed problem areas we are investigating: 1. To obtain actual operating data for handling food products at retail stores. Included will be the identification and description of handling practices, sanitation procedures, and operating policies. To examine the condition of merchandise as it is received from suppliers at the super- market and make preliminary recommendations to management upon completion of the de- tailed in-store studies. February 73/page 46 2. Obtain information on proper envi- ronmental requirements and handling practices for food products by major food product categories . Sources of information include Federal, State, and local health departments and USDA and FDA research publications and personnel. Initial emphasis will be placed on meat, delicatessen, produce, dairy, bakery, an

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