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Re-inventando la biblioteca, re-creando la ciudad

España. Subdirección General de Coordinación Bibliotecaria
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  • Bg. Information Dissemination And Diffusion.
  • Dc. Public Libraries.
  • Hh. Audio-Visual
  • Multimedia.
  • Hk. Online Hosts.
  • Hq. Web Pages.
  • Hr. Portals.
  • Lc. Internet
  • Including Www.
  • Economics
  • Literature


In its effort for reinventing the library in the virtual space, the Municipal Library of Burgos (Spain) has developed a Reference Virtual Desktop, the podcast "Light of ink", the activity of literary diffusion "Stories for Jorge" and "Literary Walks along Burgos", a complex mashup for the diffusion of the literary image of the city. The accomplishment of these projects, which uses as experience to approach other projects of major fret, demonstrates that practically any library can increase his value as local alive institution with a bit of imagination and interest, reinventing his services, stimulating the employment of the new technologies, implying to citizens and institutions, to recreate his locality.

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