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A New Species of Psychoda (Diptera:Psychodidae) from Caves in Georgia

Florida Entomologist
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2-16572/56-63/FES/ddj 56 Florida Entomologist 83(1) March, 2000 A NEW SPECIES OF PSYCHODA (DIPTERA:PSYCHODIDAE) FROM CAVES IN GEORGIA L AURENCE W. Q UATE 1 Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA 1 Mailing Address: 16271 Oak Creek Trail, Poway, CA 92064, USA A BSTRACT A new species of Psychoda, collected in caves in Georgia, U.S.A., is named and adults and larvae described and illustrated. Key Words: Psychoda, caves, Georgia R ESUMEN En este trabajo se identifica y nombra una especie del género Psychoda que fué co- lectada en cuevas del estado de Georgia. Se describen e ilustran adultos y larvas de esta nueva especie. During thesis research on cave ecology, Will Reeves, a student at Clemson Univer- sity, discovered a new species of Psychoda in several caves. This species is now named and described to make the name available for Reeves’ thesis. Psychoda reevesi Quate, New Species Figs. 1-7 Female. Eyes separated by 1-1.5 facet diameters; interocular suture absent; frons hair patch extends dorsally between eyes to bottom of first facet row, slightly sepa- rated from vertex hair patch; palpomeres 10:10:10:13. Antenna with 14 flagellomeres, terminal 3 separated and unequal in size, 14 smaller than 12 and 13; ascoids Y- shaped. Radial and medial forks of wing complete. Genitalia as figured; subgenital plate with well defined lobes, sides of plate convergent basad of lobes, parallel at level of lobes; prominent structure on inner face of plate, quadrate with apical lobes; genital digit arises between lobes of this structure; spermatheca lacking lateral strut (bar from inner margin of spermathecal sac to lateral margin). Measurements. Antenna 1.01-1.08 mm (x– = 1.03, N=7). Wing length 1.50-1.88 mm, width = 0.70-0.78 mm (x– = 1.63, 0.7

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