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Croatian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, and Croatian Society of Perinatal Medicine of Croatian Medical Association
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  • Trudnoća
  • Prerani Porod
  • Serklaža Cerviksa
  • Pregnancy
  • Preterm Labor
  • Cerclage Of The Cervix


Aim of the study. To establish the indications, necessity and efficiency of the cerclage. Methods. In retrospective study at the county hospital Livno the 756 pregnant women who had undergone cervical cerclage from 1986 till the year 2002 were analyzed. The age of pregnant women, gestational age when the cerclage was performed, the lasting of pregnancy after the procedure, as well as the number of labors that occurred prior to 37 completed weeks of gestation were analyzed. Patients have been divided into three groups, according to the indications for the procedure. First group of patients, 68 of them, had history of abortion or preterm labor. In the second group there were 125 with a dilatation of internal os of the cervix, whereas in the third group of 563 pregnant women cervical cerclage was performed for other reasons. Results. In 19% of patients with history of abortion or preterm labor pregnancies finished in preterm labor, that is a statistically significant higher rate (p=0.017). In other groups there were no significant results. Conclusion. According to our results cervical cerclage is indicated in the cases of incompetent cervical os, either congenital or acquired. Before performing it, all laboratory and clinical tests, in order to exclude different reasons of cervical incompetence, should be done. Output of cervical cerclage on the outcome of pregnancy is probably less than 1%.

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