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Inseminate architecture : an archontological reading of Athanasius Kircher's Turris Babel.

McGill University
Publication Date
  • Kircher
  • Athanasius
  • 1602-1680. Turris Babel
  • History
  • Ancient -- Early Works To 1800
  • Babel
  • Tower Of
  • Semitic Languages -- Early Works To 1800
  • Hamitic Languages -- Early Works To 1800
  • Religious Science


Among the vast assembly of Biblical mythology, the tower of Babel stands as an exclusive representation of the limits of human endeavor. As a paradigmatic extremity, it circumscribes the field of civic artifice. Babel is the absolute limit, and in that regard, its presence is enduring and timeless. The legacy of exegetic readings are textual shades, emanating from the point source of the paradigm. Athanasius Kircher's Turris Babel is an appropriate and intentional unfolding of this condition.

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