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Department of Biology
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Indonesia has gone with the Family Plan Program for a long time. The uses of traditionally contraceptions has widely spread to many remote areas in Indonesia which its inhabitants were still strictly lived with their ancestor? traditions. The uses of contraception, unlike in women, has not yet become entrenched in men beside of their lack of interest and awareness to use it. Bitter melon is one of the well known plant that used for medicine, especially to stop diarhea. But, less people have known that bitter melon can be use as antifertility also, because many people believes that fertility issues was the area for women only. They assumes that most problems about contraception happens in women. The purposes of this research are to find out the influence of bitter melon (Momordica Charantia) to sperm quality (motility, abnormality, livibility, and mortality) tested in white male rats (Rattus novergicus). Type of this research is True Experiment Research. The parameters that used for this research are sperm motility, abnormality, livibility, and mortality. Population of this research are white male rats taken from UNAIR Surabaya, the amount of sample in this research was 30 rats, divided into 6 treatment each consist of 5 test using the Complete Random Plan (RAL), and for data analysis technique for motility, abnormality, livibility, and mortality with anava 1 factor continued by BNT 1% test to find out what is the best treatment for it, this reseacrh conducted in Artificial Insemination Bureau (BIB) at Singosari and in University of Malang Muhammadiyah Chemical Laboratorium. The result of analysis shows Fcount > Ftable on significant level (0,01), this result create a conclusion that the forcibly given of the essence of bitter melon (Momordica charantia) gives the real influence to the best treatment white male rats sperm quality (motility, abnormality, livibility, and mortality). It proved that with the dosage of 16 gr/day. download

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