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Radioactivity Levels in Water-hyacinth Samples of Major Water-Bodies in the District of Jessore, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Academy of Sciences
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  • Physics
  • Baor
  • Natural Lake
  • Radioactivity
  • Water-Hyacinth


Natural and fallout radioactivity concentrations in the water-hyacinth samples collected from 22major water-bodies of the district of Jessore, Bangladesh, were measured with a low level gamma rayspectrometry system consisting of a high resolution HPGe coaxial detector. Energy and efficiencycalibration of the detector have been done with the standard sources supplied by the International AtomicEnergy Agency (IAEA).Key words: Baor; Natural lake; Radioactivity; Water-hyacinthDOI: 10.3329/jbas.v34i1.5496Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Vol.34, No.1, 95-97, 2010

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