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Protagoras et le panthéon de Thourioi

Revue de l’histoire des religions
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DOI: 10.3406/rhr.2002.966


Protagoras and the Tourian pantheon There is a profound analogy between the gods worshipped at the ancient Greek cities of Teos and Abdera, its metropolis, and the gods after which the Thourioi's avenues were named. As Protagoras the Sophist was born in Abdera and he established the laws of Thourioi, we may thus think of our Sophist as the mentor of the Thourian pantheon. This would imply a cooperative action between Protagoras and some intellectuals such as the Delphic seer Lampon and the urbanist Hippodamos, both also present at the foundation of Thourioi. Finally, it seems very likely that the links among de pantheons of the above cited cities were well known, and so we could conclude that Protagoras' action at Thourioi should be considered in the studies on the religious thought of this Sophist.

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