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3334 REPORT OP THE CHIEF OF ENGINEERS, U. S. ARMY. A communication covering these points was addressed to the chair- man of the bridge committee, which committee after due consideration made answer by transmitting to the Board a series of papers, consist- ing of original petitions that had been made to it favoring the two lo- cations selected; a report of the committee's engineer on an examina- tion made by him of the Morrison Street Bridge; two resolutions, one setting forth reasons why a bridge should be erected at Knight-Quimby streets, the other giving reasons for the erection of one at Burnside street; and a letter which reveals the fact that the bridge committee has not yet agreed upon the kind of bridges that it intends to erect, but desires that this matter be left to its discretion to be determined hereafter. The Board has given careful consideration to these papers, and is forced to acknowledge that they do not give the clear, definite, and re- liable information upon these points that seems to be necessary in the case. In one of these papers drawn up in the interests of the Albina bridge assertions such as the following are made: "Fully one-third of the residents of the city of Portland live near to, below, and north of said bridge site." " Over one-half of the laboring class live tributary to said proposed Knight-Quimby street bridge site." "A large majority of the manufacturing industries of the city are located near to and below said proposed sites." " One-fourth of all the taxes to be paid for construction and maintenance of the proposed system of free bridges will be so paid by residents and manufacturing industries immediately to be benefited by the said proposed Knight-Quimby street bridge." " This bridge would be but a small obstruction to navigation." To all of these statements the exception can be taken that they are not accurate, and it can be easily demonstrated that they are not war- ranted by the actual facts in the case. Further on in the same paper the assertion is made that "this com- mittee have received proposals from a reliable company offering to build a steel bridge five blocks below the present Morrison Street Bridge for $75,000." This as it stands does not convey a correct idea of the facts. A company did offer to build a bridge as stated which would cost more than twice the amount named, and would sell it to the bridge commit- tee for $75,000, provided the company could reserve certain rights and franchise over the bridge which it was supposed would more than com- pensate it for the difference. It is also stated: As to the railroad bridge, this committee have made proposals to the owners and parties in control thereof with a view of leasing the upper roadway, Tbut so far have been unable to get any definite and reasonable proposition. In connection with this assertion the Board will quote from a letter received from the general manager of the Union Pacific system, Pacific division: In addition to what has been written by us, and stated before your committee, protesting against the erection of further bridges, I would like to-day to refer to the fact that there are two existing bridges which are not free, both of which are suit- ably located with reference to traffic between the east and west banks of the river, and one of which belongs to this company, and to say that I am not aware that any real business proposition has been made to anyone in authority looking to the open- ing of these bridges to the public. I understand that propositions have been made, but they have been rather informal, and I might, perhaps, say that the opinion has been expressed that these propositions have been much below what the ownals con- sider their property is worth; iu short, more nearly based on what these properties would be worth after competing bridges have been erected. It would seem to me, therefore, that before permission be given to seriously injure the harbor by the erec-

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