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Montréal (Québec) -- Race relations.

McGill University
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  • Sociology
  • Blacks -- Québec (Province) -- Montréal.
  • Montréal (Québec) -- Race Relations.
  • Religious Science


The Montreal of 1928 presents a striking contrast to the Ville Marie as founded by Maisonneuve. From its particular geographic location it was destined to occupy a position of dominance in the growth of Canada. The peculiar physiographic features of the St. Lawrence River on the South and Mount Royal on the North have given the direction fo the city growth its own particular form. The phenomenon of th4e two nationalities, diverse in language, traditions, religion and culture, living side by side and paying allegiance to a common sovereign has marked the city with an atmosphere that adds to its own natural charms. With the majority French speaking people carrying on their own particular life and the English residents developing their own culture the city has been justly termed the Paris of America. [...]

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