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Letter from Tracy M. Sonneborn to M. Demerec

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Dec0mlx3r 22,194s Dr. MB, Demerec Depwtment of Genetios Carn9g3.e Institution of Washbgton Cold Sprfng Harbor,LIII New Ymk Dear Dr;Deme3?8a: I sent you this momfng by first class mall the m8nu- script "Rem& Adoanees in the Genetics of the Ciliated Proto- 208". Please a aard when you receive it for I am worried about-the possibility of its getting lost In the Chr%stmas rush. you -11 not be likely to guess.the amount of labor I put into that job. I have worked on it etead?tly since August,putting everything else aside,even to an unfortunate extent,my research. Eht it was a job that seemed to me well !uorth doing and I have proatted greatly m it xyself,.seeing more olearly the relation of my own work to the rest of the work in the field, As you see,I have taken up your kind offer to let me l&e more than the original lidt of 50 nrhnted paps. At your fig- ure of 500 words per page,the body of the paper will run about 60 pag;es,tith extra for figures,tables,b%bliography and table of contents. If &he paper as it now stands 2s too long,the only 'way I could cut it would be to eliminate the treatment of one or more of theqmcies. If that is done,it wl.11 of course mean at least a complete rechecking of the bibllography,pulling out titles and renumbering all that remaln,w%th oorrespondlng cor- reation of the numbered references throughout the text. I should certainly not welcome that job,but I will of cow88 do Zt %f you cay so. I hope I have Petitten the sort of thing you had in mind for me to do. And now I owe you an apology for mot answering sooner your letter about the conference on mutatfona. But you mn see from this negligence the way I have consistently neglected everythlng In order to @;et my manusorlpt to you as soon as possfble. I have before me a stack of unanswered letters and other business that has been accumulating for a month V&i18 I devoted myself on the ,average of 10 to 12 hours a day to the manuscrkpt to the exclu- aion

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