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Executive Correspondence - From Vance A. Funk III To Commission

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  • Military Bases -- United States.
  • New Castle County Airport Air Guard Station
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untitled RESOLUTION NO. 05-V URGING THE FEDERAL BASE REALIGNMENT AND CLOSURE COMMISSION TO REMOVE THE DELAWARE NATIONAL GUARD BASE LOCATED IN NEW CASTLE COUNTY FROM CLOSURE CONSIDERATION WHEREAS, the Delaware National Guard Base in New Castle County is under consideration for closure and/or realignment; and WHEREAS, the Federal Base Realignment and Closure Commission has recommended that the New Castle County Air National Guard Base be realigned which would result in a loss of all currently possessed aircraft, 47 full-time military personnel, 101 full-time civilian personnel, 485 Guard military positions, and the relocation of 39 firefighters; and WHEREAS, a realignment would result in a direct economic loss of over $28.7 million annually for civilian, full-time military, and Guard military positions, as well as operations and maintenance expenditures; and WHEREAS, the Base is an integral component of the local economy and its closure would have a direct financial impact on an assortment of businesses surrounding the Base who rely heavily on services provided to Base personnel and infrastructure; and WHEREAS, a serious void in fire service delivery in New Castle County would result in the transfer of Base firefighters, as well as adversely impact the Federal Aviation Administration's rating allowing commercial air service at the New Castle County Airport, thereby creating significant safety risks for the County in the event of natural or other disasters; and WHEREAS, the realignment and/or closure of the Base would have a considerable negative economic and social impact on the public welfare, safety and standard of living of the citizens and workforce of New Castle County. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the City of Newark hereby strongly urges the Federal Base Realignment and Closure Commission to reconsider. the closure and/or realignment of the Delaware National Guard Base located at the New Castle County Airport. RESOLVED at

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